Blender 01

Blender 01

Tips as I go

I am learning how to use blender. I understand that there are better ways to do everything and I am welcoming different input.  Please feel free to contact me via email or my instagram

This is just my personal notes going into this.  Blender is new software to me and I really have no idea how it works.  It looks to be very powerful software for free and inexpensive.  So without further delay.

Hot Keys

I am looking at some hot keys to make this a little smoother of a process. I got these from Yan’s Daily tips 007. He makes some great short little videos.

G = Grab Brush

Shift = Smooth Brush

3 = Clay Strips Brush

4 = Crease Brush

I = Inflate Brush

Shift + 4 = Sculpt Draw Brush

P = Pinch Brush

K = Snakehook Brush

M = Mask

Alt + M = Remove Mask

Cntrl + I = Invert Mask

Turning the Mirror function on 

Enter edit mode

edit mode

and then hit X-Mirror

mirror mode location


Subdividing to prepare for Sculpting tool

do this like 3 times



Adjusting Brush Size and settings

When you enter sculpt mode (same drop down as entering edit mode) and you have a brush selected. Pressing “F” will bring up this sizing interface.

adjusting brusg size

Once I had a basic shape, I personally found that right now using the inflate and deflate brush tool worked for me.

The reason I like it at the moment it that is makes adding and removing mass from the sculpture intuitive for me.  While you are sculpting I have seen in various tutorials on YouTube that you should really make sure to click the Dynatopo box. I do not 100% understand what or how it works, but it seems to make the surface of the model more dynamic to work with.  I apologize that I cannot recall the content creator names from which I learned this… otherwise I would have linked you in their direction.

sculpting inflate deflate

This is it for now. I want to get a little bit better at 3d modeling before I go into retopoloy, multi-resolution tool as well as rigging and animating at a later time. In the mean time enjoy my little Halloween sculpt which is 2 days late.


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