Ossington/Queen St Mural

Ossington/Queen St Mural

Recently I have had the honor of being selected to do a Mural for Sea Walls Murals for Oceans by the PangeaSeed Foundation. They came to Toronto to bring Artists and the Community together through art to make A Love Letter to the Great Lakes a reality.

This project came to me in the form of a contest through my work’s Charity Pot collaborations. The submission required 3 topic choices with sketches for the corresponding murals in a 3 page document. Then a panel of judges selected 4 submissions that would become murals in downtown Toronto. It was very short notice. The whole process took about 2 weeks from getting my call for submission to finishing the mural.

Here is a little bit of the painting process which is the fun part.

Painting Day 1


I show up to the Hermann and Audrey Gallery with my sketch and meet up with the other artists and  volunteers to get set up. I’m super awkward so I was really ready to do what I got there to do, which is make some awesome art.  After breakfast and being set up, the LUSH artists were shown to their location(this is where i get absorbed into what I’m doing that I don’t really get to experience the festivities as much as I would like)



I have to start somewhere. I began my gradient (or as I have learned the street phrasing is a “Fade”) and that took a long time. I started actually painting around 10 maybe 10:30 after everything so I felt like I was off to a slow start.


1:30pm rolls around and I realize that I will be needing to have a lunch break.  I ran across the street to get various snacks and took a little walk to stretch myself out. Painting a fade this size is very exhausting to say the least especially when it is a blistering hot day out and the sun is literally cooking you. Sun Screen and water were my best friends this day. Once I came back from lunch, i got to start more what I consider the “fun stuff”.



Thinking about where elements would go, and really processing what I was doing and start mapping out the space I have to work with and adjust my layout to fit the larger space than anticipated.


At the end of Day 1 Painting I left the scene at 5 pm. I managed to get a lot done. I had finished my fade, I have blocked out the main elements with white, and began to work with a small brush with black paint to begin working on the details.

Day 2 Painting

Today is the most exciting day of painting. I just came in with my supplies and went at it.  When I made the design I was particularly excited about the mussels and creating a visual pattern using their elements.


It was a long process. I needed focus and diligence to get this done. I ended up working from 9am to 8pm this day. But I think the results were well worth it.



I ended day 2 of painting not quite done my work. The painting days were happening for one more day so I made the judgement call to go home, rest, do my normal job shift, and come back after for an hour or two to get it done.


I never leave work unfinished.

Day 3 Painting

As I had planned I came in after work to finish my mural. There were only minor things I needed to add to make it visual pop off the wall.